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let's talk about LEX

Hi, I'm Lex.  I am a designer in Los Angeles with a focus on ethical design and locally sourced labor and materials.  I've also got 2 fancy school degrees, but you're not here for that. You're here because you just bought a home, or are about to build one and you need help.  Emotionally and Designally, I am here for you.


I'm also an award winning furniture designer! This is me sitting in one of my designs.#humblebrag

tell us more about yourself: 

I'm an introvert and perfectionist.  Which means I'm not great at making a sales pitch, but I'm like fantastic with design. See that "like"? Did I tell you that I was from the Valley...

My personal design style could be described as "California Casual" meets "Weird Modern". Neither of those are actual styles, but they sounded cool in my head.  I like working with light and airy spaces as well as dramatic and industrial interiors.  I'll also totally rock the sh*t out of the place if you like Santa Fe style or 80's Post Modern.  My goal is always to update the space, make it relevant to you, and throw in a couple surprises so your guests will ask for my number. ;)