This is the first in a series I am starting to help keep me accountable with my To-Do List.  At the end of each month, I will share with you my plans for the following month.  This is also a good time to revisit my Brain Dump.  If you don't know what a Brain Dump is, we literally talked about it 2 weeks ago.  Ugh ok, you can find it right here

Your Brain Dump usually spans the next 3 months of your life and is created from the over-arching goals you have for yourself.  Sometimes you are pulled in one direction like health or finance.  Other months, you feel like you want to focus on your branding or mindfulness.  While you never want to lose sight of your end goal (Me...on a farm...with rescue dogs), you will sometimes prioritize smaller goals before others.  Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE HUMAN AND IT'S OK!  Your brain dump was the unleashing of everything buzzing around in your head.  These monthly To-Do Lists are more refined and are based on what direction you are being pulled.  Stick with me.     

This could be a terrible idea or it could be pure genius.  


Red. Pink. Valentine's Day. Singles Awareness Day. Candy. Hearts. Teddy Bears.  Literally none of these things appeal to me.  Don't get me wrong. I LOVE love. Love is the greatest thing that can happen to a person.  I'm just not a fan of the holiday.  Every year, Hunter and I go to In-N-Out and that is the extent.  This year will be the same except I will not get any meat on my buns. More on that another time.  Actually, 2 years ago on Valentine's Day was the first time I was officially introduced to the world.  You can find that video here.  

But this month is not about candy hearts or WHEN WILL HE FINALLY PROPOSE? lol. 

For me it's about:

Personal Finance

Building my Interior Design Portfolio

Adopting an Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Hunter and I are in money-saving mode! Money-saving mode is a thing that sucks when you love sushi.  But it is an absolutely necessary thing to do because you don't want to wake up and be 35 and be unsure if the check you wrote will bounce.

I have a Roth IRA that I contribute to in spurts.  I want to make that something more regular, so one of my tasks is to set up automatic contributions. You can contribute up to $5,500 per year.  That comes to about $460.00 a month.  

I also have a new Tax Accountant that I will be working with for my 2016 taxes.  I did a couple of interior design jobs in addition to my furniture work and that will need to be handled differently.  OH THE JOY! 


I have resurrected my love for interior design and would like to start offering my design services more regularly.  I will be focusing on shooting some of my work and getting it up on my website. 


Back in October, I had an ectopic pregnancy.  I know, I know...this is supposed to be a light-hearted and helpful blog, but c'mon, I'm still a person.  A person who still has very real things happen to her.  It was incredibly traumatic and awful and maybe one day I will tell the whole story.  For now, I will say that it has led me to be very mindful of the food and products I ingest on a daily basis.  With the help of Abby Hantel from Far and Wild, I have been working to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet.  I am also looking to incorporate other healing forms like acupuncture and meditation into my life as a way to keep my stress and hormone levels in check.  I may not be ready for a child yet...but I want to be healthy and ready when the time is right.  

Ok so that was beautiful rambling, Lex, but what does this mean? It means that these are the main things I need To-Do in February:


  • Set up automatic contributions to Roth IRA
  • Begin to organize my tax documents for my new Tax Accountant 


  • Photograph my latest Interior Design project

  • Research new sustainable materials
  • Focus on @LexLeeStudio Instagram


  • Find out my new go-to Anti-Inflammatory foods and make the appropriate meal plans
  • Take full advantage of my new Hot Yoga membership.  (e.g. TOUCH MY DAMN TOES)
  • Set up first acupuncture appointment

Before I leave you, I just want to let you know that Design In Color did the nicest article about me and I would love for you guys to see it.  You can find it here.