003. Good Weird Hunting

Everyone has multiple opportunities to reinvent themselves—I happen to be lucky enough to get tasteful and curated feedback.
— Lex Lee

Have you ever felt sh*tty…

(e.g. sick, depressed, tired, uninspired.) and then after a few hours, you felt even worse because on top of the “shittiness”, now you feel unproductive?

*a resounding yes fills the crowd*

Well, I’m here to tell you to stop that noise. I mean, I still DEFINITELY feel that way when I haven’t 10X’d my f*cking day like a podcaster. WE WERE NOT PUT ON THIS EARTH TO WORK UNTIL DEATH. We were put on this earth as one of 2 options: 1. A sick joke by a monster who wants to see us suffer 2. To use the gifts we were given to honor them and share them with the world.

I’m inclined to go with option 2. Hence why I indulged myself in a glorious photoshoot with my boos Erin Thomas and Monika Ottehenning. I’m a woman with a small, but respectable platform; these are women with INSANE talent. HELL YA I WANNA SHOW THEM OFF. 

Enter the Anza Borrego Photoshoot idea. Styled and directed entirely by my right hand Erin. Photographed by left hand Monika Ottehenning. The only thing I did was drive to the location.

In “The Artist’s Way” one of the Basic Principles states “Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God”. Now, whether or not you subscribe to a particular religion is really not the debate, rather, if you have a talent: USE IT WITHOUT FEELING BAD ABOUT IT. 


the only thing I did was drive.

Erin and Moni know how to do it, I’m still working out all the kinks (Virgo perfectionism problems), but the end result was this shoot. 1 day. 3 women. 5 looks. We learned how we worked together. What a great hire I made in Erin. How spot on my intuition was about Moni. And what a stupendous rack I have (those photos are saved for my future husband/strategically leaked nudes only). And that I’m particularly less afraid of spiders when 3 Belgian whites deep. 



I hired Erin as an outside perspective to look at me and my brand and make the necessary changes based on what I wanted to do. With Moni, she made the images you see here. The New Era of Lex. Everyone has multiple opportunities to reinvent themselves—I happen to be lucky enough to get tasteful and curated feedback. 

My ultimate goal for all of you? If you’ve always wanted to be the “cool, mysterious girl” and it hasn’t worked out for you… abandon that notion. I say dumb as sh*t things far too often to be that girl. Accept who you are (barring that it is unproblematic right? Please don’t be a racist p.o.s.) and run with it. Do that thing that is on coffee shop signs: live your truth. My truth is modern interiors, stupid memes, amazing photoshoots, dumb “in-progress” updates, and an honest-to-God need to beautify this damaged world. 

With the tireless help of Monika Ottehenning and Erin Thomas…I think I am getting closer. I can’t wait to share with you all the things we are doing together. 

Aloha and Namaste,



All photos by Monika Ottehenning.

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