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Let’s talk about Lex.

I’m the Design Principal of Lex Lee™ an interior design firm and furniture design studio in Southern California.

If I had it my way, my bio would describe the time Rihanna told me I was pretty and how I made her laugh. That’s it and that’s all.

Actually, the word she used was “beautiful”.


I studied Economics and Urban Planning at UCLA, but the design world kept calling out to me after my graduation. “Calling” is the polite term. Design dragged me kicking and screaming until I enrolled in the Interior Design P.D. program at FIDM. That “P.D.” totally made you think for a second that I was a doctor, huh? Well, I am no design doctor, but you can think of me as your new best friend…but with really good taste.


I’m an award winning designer

with a collection exclusively made in LA with the city’s top upholsterers, seamstresses, and woodworkers. With years of upholstery work in my past, I have intimate knowledge of how a butt sits in a chair. This gives me a unique edge when it comes to creating custom furniture for my clients.

In the summer of 2017, I left the furniture workshop and opened Lex Lee™ out of my home. I offer my Interior Design services in both commercial and residential spaces. The Lex Lee™ design philosophy focuses on modernism that isn’t sterile, minimalism that isn’t boring, and an effortless design touch of weird.


New Art Director in Town.

This is E.T., very rarely known as Erin Thomas. Aided by her technical background in the visual arts of painting and print making, E.T. has worked and gained experience in fashion and interior styling since her graduating magna cum laude from Arizona State University where she pursued post-secondary education. Now that formality is out of the way, let it be known that the Lex Lee design family is beyond hyped to have her talents in the mix.