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design with a personality.


Furniture & Interior Design.

We do interior design in both the Residential and Commercial fields. Our aesthetic is clean, modern, with just a hint of the "weird factor". And yes, we’re probably going to use our furniture in your space. You’re welcome.

Let’s get to work


Art Direction & Styling

Backed by the insanely talented Erin Thomas, Lex Lee offers the art of styling and creative direction for your set design, production design, photoshoot, or event. We have the innate capability of providing you with a styling service that will make your work stand out and your peers go “wait…did they hire a stylist? It’s so effortless I can’t tell!”

They hired a stylist.

It's Ok to Need an Art Director


Lex Lee

Lex Lee is an Award-winning Furniture & Interior Designer based in Southern California and creator of that really strange, but awesome Spike Pillow. She is totally not writing this myself. I mean...herself. She is better at design than writing bios.

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Lex + ET

A match made in Social Media heaven. A bond initiated by instagram, but forged from the fact that they just work really well together. Earth and Fire make an incredible business relationship between these two—design has the room to flourish, but your bottom line is non-negotiable.

A Divine Partnership