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object in view is softer than it appears.


Who is Lex?

Lex Lee is an Award-winning Furniture & Interior Designer based in Los Angeles and creator of that really strange, but awesome Spike Pillow. She is totally not writing this myself. I mean...herself. She is better at design than writing bios.

Let’s Talk About Lex ➝


Furniture & Interior Designer.

I’m an interior designer in both the Residential and Commercial fields. My aesthetic is clean, modern, with just a hint of the "weird factor". And yes, I’m probably going to use my furniture in your home. You’re welcome.

Let’s Work Together ➝


Off Duty Weirdo.

I'm a human first, designer second. You can catch me talking about all things design, wellness, streetwear, acupuncture, yoga, and whatever else I'm into on all of my social platforms. Mostly yoga probably. (Your girl is teacher certified! Namaste, y’all)

Let’s Get Weird ➝